Purpose of the role:

The candidate will be responsible for driving sales and increasing the number of client acquisition and thereby generating revenue for our organization.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Meet commercial establishments those are located within the area allocated to him/her and adhere to the following steps:
A. Present the business offering and explain benefits of the brand to the prospective clients.
B. Provide a demo and explain the advantages and features of the services.
C. Collect qualitative business information of the business enterprises he/she visits and also explain how the same would be represented to the users of Elite Indian Wedding.
D. Explain the contract, features, tenure and all terms and conditions to customer in detail.
E. Answer the queries raised by the customers.
F. Persuade the business owners/managers to enroll with Elite Indian Wedding as a paid customers for advertising which would enhance their business.
G. Upload details and photos to update the profiles on the Elite Indian Wedding database.
2. Send Key Parameter Monitor (KPM) report to the reporting managers on a daily basis.
3. Submit the contracts to the office with proper documentation.
4. Ensure that the contract payment is cleared and the account of the client is activated within Elite Indian Wedding.

Skills and Work Experience Required:

1. Good communication skill in order to be able to handle clients.
2. Ability to work under pressure.
3. Ability to comprehend and follow instructions and directions